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Date: May 19th 1917

May 19th 1917
Somewhere in France

Dear Uncle Sam;-

I received your very welcome letter about a week ago [censored] and I have got six parcels in that time. They must have all come in a bunch because I hadn't had any for six weeks before that. [censored] the bands are all playing. The 38th played a game of base ball with the 85th yesterday and the 38th got beat 13 to 2 but the 85th hasn't been in France long and they are in practice. Earl is not far from where we are but I haven't had a chance to see him since before Xmas. I am sorry to hear that Billie has been killed. I didn't even know he was in France. I will have to close for this time as I can't think of anything more that I can write. I hope this finds you well as it leaves me.

From Your Loving Nephew,