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Date: August 3rd 1898

Aug 3rd 1898

Dear sister

Your verry advisable or I would say sarcastic letter arrive day before yesterday the reason I delayed answering it was because I lost my mental dictionary. And do not think it can be easily regained as the quality of grub I am getting runs more to my phisical ability than mental so you will please excuse all gramatical errors I do not under stand Uncle Dons query. He speaks as though I never crossed the straits of N. but I havent given up all hopes of seeing P.R. yet although there is some verry conflicting rumers coming in every hour yesterday afternoon about 10k the camp was thrown in in a tumolt by the arriving of a message telling us to be ready to move on a minutes notice. It just took us a short while to break camp and loaded ready to march at a minutes notice at 6 they told us to settle down for the night so we had to put up tents again and fix up it was not done with with such a light heart as the packing up was later on we were told that we would be off before friday this morning we were ordered to be ready to moove to another part of the park on a more sanitary place but it rained all afternoon word has just come in that all those that do not want to be mustered out can join the regular army as there will be a recruting office here tomorrow. We have not yet received our last months compsentation and I have heard that we would not get it before the 15th we have already signed the rool

Is the Rev Mr Taylor going to stay long in Dul I suppose that is why you attend the Methodist Church so often now so as to be acquainted with their ways. I am glad to hear that Don has been promoted to the office I hope it will not have the same effect on the upper portion of his body as it had on me as the head gear that I have can eaisy be expanded without hurting its shape and tell him to be a little more explisit in his vocabulary. I suppose old lumbardy sees that the best way to get you mad is to run opposition to you.

I suppose you saw the piece that was stolen from a "rookies" diary in Monday mornings News Tribune the only one that can appricate it is the old soldier I will now have to bring this to a close as it is near taps with love to all


I am not in a verry desirable position writing this so just excuse the heregrliphies is it spelt right

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