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Date: May 4th 1898

Camp Ramsey, Minn
May 4th

Dear Mother I suppose you are anxiously awaiting to hear how I am progressing in military life Well we arrived at St Paul the next morning after leaving Duluth at 7 OK and they all assembled at a large building until about 110k until all the Regt arrived which consisted of 36.000 men and we had to pass the Capitol Blg for review then we started for the fair ground which is called Camp Ramsey we arrived about 3p.m through a burning hot sun there were a lot of the boys played out on the road and I carried a good many packs and guns i did not mind it a bit now I will describe to you as best I can about the fair grounds it is about 3 miles long and 2 wide with about 100 different kinds of Buildings on it with 15 large horse barns that will hold 150 horses apiece beside sheep pig and other animals houses well we are in barn " 1'1 my stall is no 15. We have been having some very disagreeable weather since the first day but there is a little sunshine to day there is lots of music here there are bands and music all the time one is playing at the door now. I suppose you have seen our bill of fare it is a little rich for some of the boys but I am growing fat on it boiled "B" for breakfast with bread and coffee Baked "B" with the same for Dinner and "Human "B" with the same for supper but one consolation officers and men are all served alike. I have not been to town since I came out but all the rest have had intended to go today. there were about 50.000 here last Sunday My bundle came out here yesterday while I was out drilling and The "Cap" took it and they charged him 35cts for delivering it out here and I had not a nuff to pay for it must drill some more now.

Just got Hannah's letter now I am appointed Post master for the Company so I have the handling of all the mail The weather is fine out now. The boys are going to get their pictures taken when they get their new uniforms we do not get our pay for three months. They have a lot of good singers in our Co. and they have two hours of it every evening if Dan could get Hannah a pass she could come down here and see us just heard that as soon as we get ready that they are going to send us to the Phillipin Islands I do not know if it can be credited or not I called on Mr Currey the day we come to St Paul he was out on the road so I left my card. I must bring this to an abrupt close for some more drill tell Mr & Mrs Burnes my regards and say I thought I was going to see them at the depot with love to you and Hannah I am

Your Son


P.S My address is Camp Ramsey not Hamelton

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Original Scans