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[Postcard, date unknown.] Muanza. Kais, Bezirks-Amt. Deutsch-Ost-Afrika.
[Postcard, date unknown.] Isaac Watts' Statue
[Postcard, date unknown.] The Deanery, Winchester Cathedral.
[Postcard, back, date unknown.]On Active ServiceMiss Ruth Gregg 331 Sixth Street New Westminster...
[Postcard, date unknown.] Wilde Dattelpalme- Deutsch-Ost-Afrika
[Postcard, date unknown.] Ancient Bargate, 1760.
Postcard, front, date unknown.
[Postcard, date unknown.] Cigaretten-Fabrikant von Deutsch-Ost-Afrika.
[Postcard, date unknown.] Royal Pier and Gates.
[Postcard, date unknown.] Interior of Steam Kitchen, Winnall Down.
[Postcard, date unknown.] The Guildhall & Public Reading Rooms, Winchester.
[Postcard, date unknown.] Exterior of Steam Kitchen, Winnall Down
[Postcard, date unknown.] Winchester Cathedral. Foundations Laid 1093.
[Postcard, date unknown.] Exterior of Dinan Hut, Winnall Down
[Postcard, date unknown.] St Catherine's Hill, Winchester.
[Postcard, date unknown.] Tent Camp, Morn Hill
[Postcard, date unknown.] Docks, Southampton.
[Postcard, date unknown.] Interior of Officers Club, Y.M.C.A. the Camp
[Postcard, date unknown.] The West-Gate, Winchester.
[Postcard, date unknown.] The Stockade, or Prison Camp, Winnall Down.
[Postcard, date unknown.] Abbey Gardens, Winchester.
[Postcard, date unknown.] M Lines, Morn Hill.
[Postcard, date unknown.] The N.W. Walls of the Town and Castle of Southampton.
[Postcard, date unknown.] Main road through camp, Morn Hill.
[Postcard, date unknown.] High Street, Winchester.
[Postcard, date unknown.] Cinema Theatre, Morn Hill
[Postcard, date unknown.] Westgate, Southampton.
[Postcard, date unknown.] Interior of Y.M.C.A. Hut, Winnall Down.
[Postcard, date unknown.] Thomas Thetcher's Tombstone. West of Cathedral
[Postcard, date unknown, front.] H.M Hospital Ship "NEURALIA" "This is the boat we came...
[Postcard, date unknown.] Y.M.C.A. Winnall Hut No 2.
[Postcard, date unknown.] King Alfred's Statue, Winchester.
[Postcard, date unknown, back] H.M Hospital Ship "NEURALIA" "This is the boat we came...
[Postcard, date unknown.] Chief Staff Y.M.C.A. The Camp.
[Postcard, date unknown.] Winchester Cathedral, West Front. A.D. 1360.
[Postcard, back, date unknown.]On Active ServiceMrs A.R. Dean 330 Seventh St. New Westminster...
[Postcard, date unknown.] Baum Euphorbie. Deutsch-Ost-Afrika.
[Postcard, date unknown.] The Butter Cross, Winchester.
[Postcard, date unknown.] Winchester Cathedral & The Avenue.
Postcard, front, date unknown.
[Postcard, back, dated January 20th, 1916.][Note: The date is January 20th, 1916 – Dean...
Postcard, front, dated January 20th, 1916.
[Postcard, back, dated January 22nd, 1916.][Note: The date is January 22th, 1916 – Dean...
Postcard, front, dated January 22nd, 1916.
[Postcard, back, dated February 8th, 1916.]Mrs AR Dean 330- Seventh St New Westminster British...
Postcard, front, dated February 8th, 1916.
[Postcard, dated March 22nd, 1918.] Muanza. Fern-Telegraphie. Deutsch-Ost-Afrika.
[Postcard, back, dated April 5th, 1918.] On Active ServiceMiss R.M. Gregg 331 Sixth St. New...
[Postcard, front, dated April 5th, 1918.] Cape Town and Table Mountain
[Postcard, back, dated April 5th, 1918.]On Active ServiceMiss R.M Gregg 331 Sixth St. New...