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Postcard, nd.4, front
Postcard, nd.16, back pg.1 Dear Jane I hope you are all well I am feeling fine expect to have...
Postcard,, inside pg.5
Postcard, nd.5, back [page is missing] London last week they found a young lady with her head...
Postcard, nd.16, back pg.2
Postcard,, inside pg.6
Postcard, nd.5, front
Postcard, nd.16, back pg.3
Postcard,, inside pg.7
Postcard, nd.6, back [page is missing] Is on easy street after a D—hard strigal if he look after...
Postcard, nd.16, back pg.4
Postcard,, inside pg.8
Postcard, nd.7, back [page is missing] Write about as there isn’t any thing that happen around...
Postcard, nd.16, front pg.1
Postcard,, inside pg.9
Postcard, nd.7, front
Postcard, nd.16, front pg.2
Postcard,, inside pg.10
Postcard, nd.9, back [page is missing] Going to Scotland for ten days I have been to Irland for...
Postcard, nd.16, front pg.3
Postcard,, inside pg.11
Postcard, nd.9, front
Postcard, nd.16, front pg.4
Postcard,, inside pg.12
Postcard, nd.14, back [page is missing] Some of London for a start well dear I hope you and baby...
Postcard,, inside pg.13
Postcard, nd 3 back Mrs Geo M Roach Magog Que Canada   Well Jane I just drop’t a card to miss...
Postcard, nd.14, front
Postcard,, inside pg.14
Postcard, nd 3 front
Postcard, nd.15, back pg.1 Dear Jane I think this is an awful pretty set don’t you but it dosn’t...
Postcard, nd. book, inside pg.1 Dear Jane I just go two letter from you Im glad I won the quill...
Postcard,, inside pg.15
Postcard, nd.16, back pg.2
Postcard,, front
Postcard,, inside pg.16
Postcard, nd.1 back [page 1 is missing] them two days ago what do you think about the card I...
Postcard, nd.16, back pg.3
Postcard,, back
Postcard,, inside pg.17
Postcard, nd.1, front
Postcard, nd.15, front pg.1
Postcard,, inside pg.2
Postcard,, inside pg.18
Postcard, nd.2, back [page is missing] make thing rotten around here I must close and go to...
Postcard, nd.15, front pg.2
Postcard,, inside pg.3
Postcard,, inside pg.19
Postcard, nd.4, back [page is missing] Well have you got the watch and centerpiece yet I expect...
Postcard, nd.15, front pg.3