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Date: September 13th 1918
Alfred Sutton

Well, what do you think of the Huns now? They appear to be going back, because we surprised them, knew their plans, and used too many tanks. What lame excuses. I suppose the Crown Prince thinks he has won another victory, a strategical retreat or something like that. He Is getting to be quite a General or Field Mar- shall - but not in this war among the flying men, I think Major Bishop has cost the enemy a fortune - by crashing his planes and men - and you should just hear the pilots 'promenading' with their bombs over to Fritzie, giving him the rations which he detested and when he thinks it a nice night he slips over here with a few, and the guns bark at him, machine guns also, and our airmen chase him. One can hear the rat-a-tat-tat of the pilot's gun anytime. Say, did you hear the good news. Read it (see date of letter). No wonder you think we are a bunch of optimists because we said we weren't beaten. Vimy is still safe and we will win sometime before 1920.'