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Date: April 1944
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles

P/O JM Styles

Dear Mom,

Well here I am I didn’t get seasick although I wasn’t feeling well for a while. Boy oh boy, now I see why the RAF fellows wanted to get home. We saw some of the country, the grass is a lovely green, everything is in bloom, in other words it’s swell. I hope you will write soon and use these forms They are the quickest to get here. Can you send me some addresses? Also send me Jack’s number and outfit. I will have to at least say hello I suppose. How is Mel now? Is she done yet? Already we are having fun with the sterling money. Boy oh boy I can’t tell whether I’m coming or going with it yet but they say you get used to it. Sorry I couldn’t make it to Norma’s graduation. I hope you went. Thanks for Teeters address. I will write him soon. I wrote Shorty but was gone before I could get an answer so I hope he will write me here. We have a heck of a time with the traffic around here. They all drive on the left and we are always watching the wrong way. By the way, can you arrange through Horace to send 300 cigarettes per week. It’s better that way than a thousand at a time because if any get lost I won’t lose so many. Also in that way if any are lost I will either have some or have some more coming soon. They only cost about a buck so that would be about a buck a week. Nothing but the best for us here. we have swell quarters etc. so we are perfectly happy. I wish I could have seen you before I left but maybe it is just as well. You know how I am at saying goodbye. I met Mary Malloch on the boat about the deck and wandered around the deck with her most of the trip. I thought she would be still in Canada or going back to Washington. I suppose there will be quite a splash in the local rag when 4 of us arrive at once. Send me the clipping in case  the paper doesn’t reach me. Say hello to every body, don’t worry and be good. (as if I need to tell you) I sent Norma a cable too so she will know I arrived Right now the sun is out and I want to go for a walk.

Lots of Love and stuff
Your son

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