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Date: October 15th 1944

Saint John, N.B.
Oct. 15th, 1944

P.S. Dad wrote you yesterday. Love from Brian. & he doesn't like to be called Beetle man. he says. Love from us all, Yer Mom.

Dear Bill:

Your letters seem to roll in on Friday. UYou are a good Whill to write the old folks once a week. If you could picture the thrill we get, reading your epistles, you would write every day. By this time you are really on course. Does the heat bother you at your work? I wouldn't mind having a wee dip in that pool myself right now. It must be about 98 there. Dad out a coal fire on in the heater to-day. It is a cold day, but hardly cold enough in-doors for a big fire, but it is hard to regulate at this time of year.

We had a short letter from Wink this week. He has had letters from you too. We would have liked to have had him home for Thanksgiving. I wrote and asked him but he didn't answer in time. He couldn't afford to come home. Had I known in time, we could have helped him. He went to the girl friend's for dinner so I guess he did not fare too badly.

Lil was here for dinner, in fact she made us a present of a big fat chicken. I provided the trimmin's and pumpkin pie, so we did well too.

Did you know Doug Howard had been posted to India?

No wonder you and Wink were taken for internes at the hospital. It seems some of the Air Force had been helping out as internes, or rather those who have medical training.

Our telephone Bill bill along with that call from Al included a call to Ottawa on Aug 24th. Dad made inquiries about it and they said it was a call to the Bank of N.S. in Ottawa. I'm sure you were not here on that date and anyway you would have no cause to call the bank at Ottawa. So Dad told them, it was not our call and they agreed to look up particulars for next month. We are recovering from beastly colds. My cough hangs on yet. Dad's cold has settled in his sinus and he is using meta-ephedrine drops now, and is feeling a little easier.

Lib has made up her mind to keep her flat for the winter with Bell, so Lil has no alternative. It is an expensive place to keep up in winter. We are not anxious to have Lil but we must keep in mind, her great service to us, and so we must do what we can for her.

I don't think my two letter had enough postage on them. Dad took them to Walsh's post office, Hay market Square and it took three of the clerks to decide that seven cents would take an air mail letter to Nassau. Apparently they were all wrong for the big post office told Dad yesterday that it was ten cents per 1/4 ounce. Do you suppose that is why you haven't received my letters? Wouldn't they collect the balance at that end?

What could you use down there for Christmas? Silk undies, pajamas, black silk hose etc? Would eats travel without spoiling?

You will be getting a box from the church, and one from the Air Force Auxiliary, so when and if they come, do write a note of thanks it always makes a hit. They are getting the boxes from the church packed this coming week.

I was talking to Mrs. Doherty. She told me Frank is in the army and stationed at Red Deer, Saskatchewan. She also says she wants to give you a wedding-present, when you start housekeeping.

We'll be glad to get any pictures you send. You must look cute in shorts.

This week I saw both "Goin My Way" and "Gaslight." Dad and I like "Goin My Way" very much. Lil, Brian and I saw Gaslight last night. It wsure was weird, but a wonderful piece of acting. In the first picture I got quite a kick out of old Father Fitzgibbon and the turkey. It all was a very good example of religion put into action. It was sad when the soldier boy said his farewell. I was talking to Yvonne and that part effected her too. She said she felt just like the girl in the picture.

Yum-yum. that coconut sundae sounds good. Living has its ups and downs in Nassau as far as prices are concerned. Once you get your supply of clothing, you ought to break even and start filling the old sock.

Take good care of yourself Bill. I took your other picture out of the frame and put it in the folder and put P.O. Steel in the pane. I have it here on the library table and we are all fond of it. Finances here are all okay to date.

Love and God bless you.

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