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Date: May 29th 1915
Alexander Ewen

Sat. May 29. 1915

Dear Friend
Saturday night again so I am sending you your few words again but just the same old story all right never been a day sick this country agrees with me fine now we have got things coming our way pretty good now I get finished with the most of my work now by 10 in the morning the rest of the day we just loaf around for you can not go very far from our home our Dispatch Rider has a motor cycle. So I take a ride on it about every night. We have lovely roads out here for Cars now that the weather has dried up it is pretty hot here just like June in Canada. Well I still think I will be home for Xmas since Italy has come to our help. The Canadians have been getting it pretty hot lately but the First Contingent stuck right with it they refuse to come out of the trenches for a rest but they have been all out now for a few days and back again. The Germans call us the white Indians for they have made quite a few charges with the Bayonets and beat them every time. Well I am at [?] home again now that we are gaining ground every day we keep laughing along side of them. Someone told me that P.C. [?] [?] [?] here is that true I hardly believed it for I was sure you would mention it in your letter but I am not getting your letters very regular lately but they are all the more thought off when I do get them. I am still as fat as ever Dimple still in my chin so you can see that the British Government is not starving me [?] [?] [?] good clothes before I joined the army every shirt I put on I say to myself if I could only get them home now this is about all I have to tell you have you got that girl for me yet if not I will have to get a car when I come home for I wont know what to do with my money.
As Ever Alex.

Hello Jean Marion + Baby. Comming home for Xmas so have lots of fat Chickens for me. Are you still keeping my watch going for me Jean. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.