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Date: July 24th 1915
Alexander Ewen

Sat. July 24.1915

Dear Friend got your last letter dated July 4th so I had nearly two weeks to wait for this one. I see Jean is getting along with her dancing pretty good so I am looking forward to one Scotch Evening when I get home with Jean but not this Xmas what do you think yourself the way you see it in the Papers only there is Lots of time in the next 3 months but I am beginning to give it up for this Xmas at home. I have not got my leave yet. I will have to wait a month yet and by that time it may be cancelled only one of us goes each week and there is about 100 of us to go through Head Quarters. You did fine about the money I am delighted to be able to pay that mutch the first thing I know my house will be my own one year more and I will be out of Date. I did not dream I had that mutch till I counted up the months all I am keeping count of is what I am making out here. I have not Drawn none yet but I think I will start now to make ready for my leave for they only pay twice a month and only get 20 cents a day they wont wont let us get no more but that is enough for pocket money for you get the rest. I spend about 8 cents a day. I buy 2 eggs for breakfast eggs is dear here but that suits me better than [?]. I am sending you this snap of Mr Spicer + the other fellow this was taken in Feb. beside that tree that you deck up your home with on Xmas but it has travelled to the States to get it printed and back here so I am sending it on to you if it cross to pond many more times it is liable to go down. Your letters comes all right but some one must take a fancy to the Jack Canuck and papers for I only got one Jack but I have taken my old fancy to reading. I get quite a few magazines and we get 4 Different papers every day and I get the Stories in them. Hope you have got my letter to send that 10D. to home this leaves me well hoping you are getting stronger. I have 2 5 Dollars bets that we will be home by Xmas but it is not often I win out on a bet give me your opinion when you think we will be home a bet if you.
As Ever Alex.

Jean Marion + Baby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx