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Date: August 30th 1942
Mother and Father

404 Squadron R.C.A.F.
August 30, 1942

Dear Folks at Home:

Everybody fine, as usual, eh? That's good. Got your air mail letter this week (early) so shall try to give you the low down on what goes on. I reckon as how I haven't done much that's exciting since I last wrote you. I did hear from Elmer too, and he's been to Wales for a "hectic" two weeks so he said from which I gathered must have been very busy indeed. Anyway, that meant he couldn't have been in the Dieppe raid which was somewhat hard on our Canadian boys if all reports are true and I guess they are likely worse than we hear.

Art [older brother, a teacher] very kindly came through with a letter and seems to be getting farther from home all the time. He'll soon be to Ottawa if he keeps going. I guess money talks no matter how far from home you go—although I am not a good example of that. We are still at the same place and still hoping for a quick move. Of course in this business rumours fly around daily as to when & where we move to next, but I just refuse to worry until such time as I have my luggage stowed away in bomb well and taxi up to the take off post. I sure would like to get back to Scotland and get me a steak or some fried eggs—even if they are 2 and 6 or about 60 cents to you. At least I could get to a dance there which is about all there is to do here unless you sit and talk all the time which [censored] we do. The corporal in charge of the orderly rooms sleeps in the same billet as me and he got my hooks made temporary—which is confirmation of your acting rank, so now I guess I won't lose them. I tried for the flight engineer's course but eyes are still the big hold up so I guess its out for the present unless regulations change.

I got those fags O.K. and had them one nite and turned the whole she-bang over to a guy going on leave so am out again. Send me some more—preferably about 300 a week—I sure can use ‘em. Take it out of my pay. I think there's more chance of getting them if you send 300 at a clip and if there are losses they won't be so big. A lot of the guys like MacDonald's Exports, so they and Sweet Caps are the best. I can go on leave any time now and am booked for the 4th of Nov. and think I'll go to Wales with my new chum McGinnis, who knows the place very well. Then I can drop in and see the William's & Hardings without having them book me for the whole leave. If Elmer is still here I may change plans, if I'm still up here I'll get 2 weeks and if on mainland, only 9 [days]. If you get my sweater knit and haven't sent it yet, I wish you would send along some peanut butter and a ring of bologna—two things I have a hankering for just at present. The jam sure comes in swell. I had some butter and I buy bacon and green onions and eat not bad—between regular meals. I got my eyes opened tonite—we had pork chops and roast pork for dinner—lots of bacon for breakfast, so I hope they don't turn back the new leaf they've turned over. All I need now is something other than a candle to write by. On duty crew this week I serviced some visiting Lockheed Hudsons and sure wish I was on them all the time [censored] my favourites.

Well, I hope you don't think I've forgotten what to say in a letter because I just can't say anything from here or its cut out before its off the station you might say. Anyway, I'm healthy & tolerably happy.

Tell Jim to stock up on chocolate and silk stockings.

So long,