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Dear Ma:

I guess you'll be thinking I'm quarantined according to the papers. I guess I am too, but its not certain how long. We were C.B.'d Monday until next Monday and in the meantime are getting sorted out as to who really does get it.

Tues. we all got a shot of some serum in the arm, also a shot of diptheria germ. If the lower one and upper one both got red by Thurs. we were sensitive, if neither showed up we were negative and if the upper one alone showed up we were positive. I turned out sensitive but most fellows were positive. They also at the same time took a swab of our throat & pick our noses out with a stick, sent the samples to Toronto or Ottawa and the results are now back they say (you can't believe anything you hear). There were 150 carriers from one squadron in 2 wing. Practically all the carriers (proved by the stick test) were those [who] were negative so I think I have a good chance of getting away from the isolation. However today will tell the trick I think, so if I'm one of the unlucky ones I'll be headed up to No. 2 squadron and kept there for 35 days. That's why I thought I would write. I am just waiting to get on parade to be called out to pack up and get into isolation. If you don't hear from me again I'll be settling down for a bit. I guess I can't kick, but it is tough to have to leave your own entry after being with it all the way through. However I am hoping for the best and think I'll be O.K. As soon as this business is fixed up we get a 48 hr. pass, so I hope its after our 24, a week from this Sunday and we'll get a 24 and 2 48's in a row.

I suppose things are drying up fast up north. It has been perfect down here all week. We are doing very little with all the mix up etc. and have put our motor in our plane and timed it etc. We may get her out today and run her a bit. I timed the mags myself (with 3 or 4 advisors) so she should go.

If I don't get back, tell [sister] Bernice to write me as often as she can cause it may be hard passing time doing nothing for 35 days.

I'll be a' seein' y'u soon I hope.