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Date: September 20th 1914

211 Daly Ave. Ottawa
Sept. 20th 1914

My dear "Treasure"

I received your card yesterday morning, was so glad to hear you were well & enjoying your camping experience - it is something you will never be likely to forget I am very blind the past few days & have much need of you [?] for I am expecting to go to the Hospital tomorrow evening to see if any thing can be done for my eyes. "Nennie" will take me, as Dad has a meeting of session. How I did miss my boy this morning sitting beside me at the Holy Communion & escorting me on my homeward way but Nennie sat in my pew & Dad tried to fill your place coming home!!! We are very lonely round 209 & 211 & Jock keeps up a continual sniffing Annie found him looking in at our spare room window to see if he could find you there. We will all be glad to see "the boys come marching home" which Mr. McNabb thinks will be this week.

We have had the most charming weather all this week, like summer which is fortunate for you, it would not be such fun if the ground were soaked with water. Do you lie on the ground? on an India rubber sheet if so I hope you put on the cap, so as not to get deafness or catarrh in the head.

Annie made some gingerbread yesterday that nice molassesy kind, baked on little round pans, & she was wishing you could have some, but I say you have got to take things as they come and be thankful for a good appetite for any & everything - & leave the "goody" [?] for babies who have not cut their teeth yet. I hope you had a Sunday service today & a sermon - but in case you did not here is one from Grandma

Title - "Duty"
Text - "Whatever thy hand findeth to do, do it" (Chapter and verse forgotten & eyes too hard to look it up)
Divisions I Do it faithfully - that is as well as you know how, no shirking II - Do it cheerfully - no making a poor mouth over it - no grumbling III - Do it as under the eye of your Great Captain - remembering always this "Thou God Doest me" -

Now I could not say more on the subject if I preached a whole hour could I? so that is Grandma's Sermon for Sunday, Sept 20 1914 - Don't forget it - It comes into other things in life besides doing orderly work - ever and ever so much love to her dear boy from Grandma