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Date: May 1942

May 1942

Dear Ma:

Well at last I know what and where I am going to be. I am now an "A.E.M." "A" Cpl. under training as observer and I am posted to No. 2 A.O.S. Edmonton across the river.

They offered me a weeks leave but I figured that would be absotively useless to me so I asked to go on draft and so they asked for men who didn't want to go and I got a switch.

I figure this is a good place to go since all the Yank planes land here and it will be a good opportunity to see some really up to date planes. At least that is what the Yanks think but they aren't right on the beam yet.

I was talking to a guy just came in from Calgary. He says they are really getting tough there now. They can't wear oxfords, silver grey shirts and have to play soldier all the time. All of the stations there (5 of them) refused to go to work the other day and there wasn't a plane in the air so I guess there is quite a big fuss going on. I guess we just left in time.

Our old gang is really getting split up. I go to No. 2 A.O.S. Ken Cooper, my roomate also of Galt, goes to High River. Jack McCullogh is in Hamilton, and two are in Regina, and one still at 10 R.D. That is all that is left of the A.E.M.'s that came out from Trenton.

Is Pa at the seeding yet. I see a few are out just around the edge of town here, but I guess down around Calgary they will be hard at it. We get a warm day and then a cold one here. You never know what to expect.

We drew our flying suit and helmet the other day. We sure are getting plenty of equipment. I don't know just how I am going to manage to move it all.

I better hit the hay again as it is almost lights out so I won't be seeing you until three more months anyhow so that's that.

So Long