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Date: September 1st 1915

1 September 1915

Tuesday & Wednesday

Dear Dad:-

We arrived here day before yesterday at 5P.M. and took up our trunks. This morning we went in for a swim at 6.40. Here is Tuesday's program

6.30 Reveille 1.45- 2.30 clothing &
6.40 Swim Boot fitting
7- 8 Medical Officer's parade 2.30- 6.30- fatigues
8 Breakfast 6.30 tea
9- 9.30 Drill 9 tattoo
10.30- 11 Gym 9.30 Lts. Out.
11.30- 12 Drill
12.5. Swearing in
1 dinner

The cold water is not the worst part [words missing]
around while the roll is called is [words missing]
busy that I don't expect to be able to [words missing]
Although at present only about 6 [words missing]
here they keep us going. But when the rest come down good night! My room has a small bed, a table with a small book case, and a wardrobe. I am in the old dormitory and only have to go down stairs & out a short walk to swim while those in the new dorm have to run across the square. This morning I was medically examined and must be vaccinated. However, the doctor doesn't think it will take. He is down on "that fool Shillington for having people carved up". He is respected more than the commandant up here. We recruits are only here for the benefit of the seniors. Please excuse writing for I am doing this in between answering calls. The meals up here are great. No desserts but one eats so much before that one has no room.

Love to all.