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Date: May 13th 1917

3rd Army Artillery School,
B.E.F. France

May 13th 1917

Dear Nen:-

Got six letters yesterday and the news was mixed. Glad to hear Dads Hemroids are all right once more. That sure was tough about Douglas Armstrong and I got a worse jolt today. I went about 30 Kilometres and found Geoff all right and he expects to go up the line soon now. Just before leaving I read Grandmas letter telling me about Douglas and when, after much jolting about in lorries I reached Geoff, I heard about Don being killed. I just mentioned to him the news Grandma told me and he said "I suppose you heard about Don"? "What about him" I said. "He's been killed." I couldn't believe it at first so I said "Don who?" He said "Don Masson, my brother." That's all we said but we felt a lot. However, I don't suppose worrying over it will do any of us any good so we forced ourselves to cheer up but I guess it was a pretty feeble effort. He took me around and showed me all the machines and they sure are corkers. I had a look at a captured German one and although much bigger wasn't in it with ours and while we've still got fellows like Geoff and Don in it we needn't worry about our Supremacy in the Air. Humph Gilbert's cousin has just been killed too.

On Saturday we went down (wow!) and had a swim in a bath about 75 yds by 15. The water wasn't awfully clean and rather warm but we had a swell cold shower after and felt fine.

I see the Canadians again distinguished themselves by retaking Fresnoy. They took it in the first place you know and they weren't there when it was lost either.

Well Nen of course I can't say anything about Douglas or Don but I feel it just the same. Only 3 of us left in France Now.

Best love to all.