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Date: August 24th 1917
Stanley Reid

Aug 24 1917

Dear Jessie:

Well Jessie I heard you were feeling bad for me not writing to you I don't blame you a bit but I sent you a lettar some time ago it couldn't forever for to Canada some of the mail gets estrayed you send home been waiting for a answer but I have come to the conclusion it has gone astray. Well I am feeling fine and getting fat on it I wish you could see me in my kilt, If I could only walk in division dressed in kilts there would be some looking they would turn me out I had a I had a lettar from Alice and she said she joined division and that grand division met at home a while ago and you had a pleasant little time, she said a few join the grand division. The man name that runs to creamery name is Martell and that two of his daughters were up there to I don't know whether it is the Martell that I know or no I forget has [?] but if one of the girls nam is Queenie it must be the same people was aquainted with and another thing to tell is she is a good looking girl it must be her she has long dark hair and did ware it down her back. Is Mrs Black putting [?] in the [?] house apon the hill I suppose Margart Black is as full of fun as ever. Is Erma spendin a few weeks up home this summer.

I haven't seen any of the boys yet they say that Ervin McCurdy is at Whitley camp I am going to try and get down and see him sunday if all is well. There is a boy from Dean Settlement his is a Dean that has been to France and got wooned sleeps in the same hut I fo he was in the same platoon as Spence in the 85th. Well I must be closing as it is getting near light out I hope you will get this letter all right. Remember me to everybody give my best love to the girls. Hope this finds you all well as it finds me sweet dreams write after and I will do also Good buy. From you loving cusin.

Stanley Reid

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