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Date: March 13th 1918


Dearest Jessie:–

Just a few lines. I wrote to Father a few days ago. I suppose there will be some mail in France for me. So I will answer your letters without seeing them. we are having a fine time here it sure is a fine place if a fellow only could get home when he got Leave, it would be a lot better of course the People here are very nice and make you as much at home as they can. we were out to an old lady Sunday, that lived in Hfx for 29 yrs. She is pretty old and hard of hearing. There was an other Lady came in and she asked us to come out some evening to see her but I don’t whether we will go or not the old lady that I told you about first was Mrs Hutton her husband organized the School for the deaf, in Hfx. I just came in from the Dentist I broke one of my teeth so am getting it fixed while I have the chance. I have to go all day with out [them?] that is the worst part of it. I had my picture taken a few days ago went up yesterday to see a rough proof I think they are pretty good. I will send them whin I get them which will be two weeks yet. I am with a little fellow from Dartmouth. I would like to be here in summer time. I think it is much better but we have to take our Pass when it comes, and we are glad to get away most anytime if you ever get a chance you ought to take a trip over here, you and Father, after the war. of course I would not give Canada for any of these places nice as they are the Scotch people seem more like the Can. people. I will not like the idea of going back to France a bit but of course a fellow has got to go when the time comes. I guess I have run out of talk.

Lots of Love to all.
Loving Bro Donald


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