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Date: September 6th 1901

West Superium Sept6th 1901

The Kings Birth Day

Dear Hannah

Your welcome letter to hand last night which makes two that I now owe you Well I was holding back to find out about the half rate for Ma to the coast and ward same that I could get it yesterday but if Ma has gone I suppose you'll not need it Well I am working every night and am not feeling well at all as I am not getting my regular rest as it is quite warm and I cannot sleep. You did not say how long your school would last or how much there was in it Daddy has taken the school on Pike Lake district the one he had 2 years ago ner Peland P.O. The sad News has just come that President McKinley has been assasinated I suppose you will hear about it by the time you get this you will hear Mon of the particulars of the case it is just 2 years agao that Garfield died the 2nd of this month Well it is getting supper time and I will have to quit for the present

Sept 9th 2:30

If I keep this a few days longer I might get a fair sized letter written I am what we switchmen call On the Spot that is the work all done up and waiting for something to do I am still head Boss here making on an average of 3.25 per night with no chance of laying off but am feeling better than I did a week ago as I am sleeping longer. I have promised a year around job as foremanship here but if I dont get fired before New Years I think I will go to Calafornia as there are good prospects for RR men there with a good climate Now I wish when you write mother you would tell her to be shure and not forget her boy as he is liable to be broken again and If he dont write he will Telegraph do you see any of the Duleuth papers out there have you got acquainted with any of the natives out there yet Is there any legiable young ladies there or they all taken up do you go to church If not why not remember me to Mr & Mrs Burns and Irene with love to yourselves and ma


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Original Scans