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Dear Ma:

Here it is another week and all is well. We are finished our Ansons and we have very little to do now for awhile. We are making a few tools etc., just to put in the time.

So Pa is still putting in Aunt Kate and Tot's crop. I guess if he can take it that is all that counts. I guess Ed will be quite a help now that the rest of us are away. I was thinking that maybe if Bill could take his leave around the first of July and I took mine the end we could put Pa through the haying okay. I wouldn't be much good for a while maybe but it wouldn't take long to get in stride. However we shall see. I might even get a harvest leave out of it if I tried hard enough.

We were in to see the adjutant this morning about remustering. He told us all the bad points he could but finally said that if we would submit a written application he would arrange a medical for us next week. We are living in hopes but it may all fall through. There are four of us altogether.

Bill says he'll be through at St. Thomas in two weeks; he'll have a couple of weeks more getting a test and being posted. So that puts him into the middle of June. If he gets sent here he will be just in time for the Calgary Stampede. Biggest rodeo in the west. They say it is a great show.

I got three letters yesterday so I have plenty of writing to do. I also have to write out my application for air crew. It will take quite awhile for it to go through even if it does so I may have my A before I get flying.

A guy crashed the other day because he forgot to turn on his inboard tanks and his motor stopped and he thought he was out of gas. The plane is a wreck but the motors are okay. The pilot wasn't hurt as he landed in a ploughed field.

Are they going to mobilize Elmer's battery this time. They seem to be having a time getting men.

So Bernice is still working. She should get a job in Guelph now in Zephr Looms where the Cline girls are.

I guess most of the young guys are gone from around Harriston now. I haven't heard from Butler or Barber for months.

I won't be able to get to Pike Lake for the 24th this year so I am going up to Sylvan Lake. Sonny Fry is playing there and he is very good. He played for the dances here all winter. One of the lads here lives up near there so we can get a ride up with him.

I got a piece of steel in my eye today off a piece I was grinding and I can't get it out so I will have to go up to see the M.O. in the morning I guess. We haven't one on the station. We have to go to No. 3.

Well that is all. I'll be seeing ya.

Love JB