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Date: January 14th 1941
Mother and Father

January 14, 41
10 R.D. Calgary

Dear Folks:

Well here we are in Calgary. It looks okay so far. The mountains are in plain view in the distance. They look about two miles away, they are sixty.

We had a nice trip; it was not the least bit tiresome and we saw a lot of country. Northern Ontario is a desolate hole. It sure was cold up there. Every time we stopped the whole town was at the station.

We made an awful lot of stops of about fifteen minutes. We got off and got a few girls autographs and got on again. We sure had lots of fun.

I phoned Inez in Winnipeg. They are all fine. I didn't have time to go up to see them though. We are 85 miles from Banff so intend going up there on our first 48. We get more passes out here than at Trenton. We are going to town tonight to look it over and pass judgment.

The prairies are sure flat but there are more trees than I expected. We passed through the bare spots in the night.

We have no snow at all here and it is nice and warm right now. The work is the same as before but there are fewer men and less equipment but when we get going everything will be fine. I think.

I didn't get shopping in Toronto very long. We didn't leave Trenton until eight o'clock so we had only 50 minutes in Toronto so I didn't see Bill as I had hoped. However I saw him the day before.

The motors out of one of the Ansons we assembled are over here in our hangar. Evidently it cracked up around here somewhere. There is a flying school right beside us and a wireless school on the other side of town. The city is quite large itself.

This is great country for flying—you could land almost anywhere as safe as a dollar. You can see for miles although this is almost at the foothills of the Rockies.

The old mountains are pretty and covered with snow. I guess I'll look up some of those people one of these times when I get time. Maybe on Sunday.

There are some fellows here who have relatives in Drumheller so we are going to take a trip out there some week as it isn't very far. Well that will be all for now so I'll be seeing you.

Love Jim