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Date: June 4th 1945
Leslie Gill
Wanda Gill - (wife)

Letter No. 91

1807 Oak Bay Ave.,
Victoria, B.C.,
Monday – June 4, 1945

My dearest darling Hubbind:

Today should have been a bad day. It started without a letter from you, and no day that doesn’t bring a letter can possibly be considered a really good day. But apart from that, it was pretty good. I stayed home for a change, and got a fair amount accomplished. Caught up with all the daughter’s washing – you’ve no idea how many panties she can use up! Also did some cleaning and mending, and tonight quite a decent go at the piano. All that on top of Mum calling in unexpectedly at lunch time, and Marge Bergstrom and her kids this afternoon. The kind of day I like, though. Busy all day, with enough visitors to make me stop and take a rest, and keep me from talking to myself!

Mum swears Evelyn has grown just in the last day or so, and she is right, not physically, thank goodness – she’s big enough! But she seems to have grown up all of a sudden. She rolls herself all over the floor and almost crawls, and she sits in her high chair for meals now and takes a great interest in the proceedings. I sure hope you get home soon, darling, or she won’t be a baby at all. Even I see a difference in her every day.

I have decided to have her innoculated after all. There is quite a lot of whooping cough around and if there is a chance of protecting her from it I may as well. So I have made an appointment for next Monday. The City Health Dept. do it free of charge. Have also made a dentist appointment for myself (I don’t think Evelyn’s one and only tooth needs a dentist yet!) That is for Friday the 22nd. They sure look ahead, don’t they?

This morning I phoned about ice again – I still haven’t had any. But they had no idea when I’ll start getting it – they have lots of ice and lots of trucks, but no drivers. I almost offered to go and drive it up myself!

Just remembered, in last night’s letter I told you Mum wanted me to go out to the Bay today, but it poured with rain this morning so it was out of the question. And I’ve told her I’ll have to stick around here for the next week or so, to be home for the telephone installation and the ice.

Had a letter from Julie Anderson today. They are still in Montreal and apparently rather fed up with it. Jim is up for a commission in Special Branch, but doesn’t know yet whether it will go through.

I think your daughter has some Tarzan in her. She has a yell that must be heard for miles (not crying, just a shriek of sheer exuberance). Sometimes I put her on the bed, minus clothes, and she heaps her little hands on her chest and lets out this terrific shriek. Then she looks so pleased with herself!

I see the Progressive-Conservatives have got in again in Ontario. I wonder if that’s any indication of what next Monday will bring? Of course Ontario was Conservative before. I was surprised the CCF didn’t get more – they have fewer seats than last time. I think the CCF are pretty strong here – which is surprising to me, considering their stand on the Japanese.

When I get to babbling Politics in a love letter, it’s time I went to sleep. ˈCause it is a love letter, whether it sounds like it or not. All my letters to you are love letters, ˈcause I love you such an awful lot.

Night-night, darling

Tuesday Night
June 5th

Guess what I just heard, darling? Radio just announced that “Iroquois” and two other Tribals have set sail for Canada! Oh Darling, I’m so excited I can hardly write straight. Matter of fact it’s over 2 hours since I heard it – it came over the 7 o’clock news. But I couldn’t write then – just sat and thought and tried to realize you’re on your way home. I don’t think I will realize it until you actually come in the door, and then I’ll think I’m dreaming. Wonder where you’ll be when you get this letter. Maybe at Halifax – say hello to Mrs Ward for me – maybe at Zora’s – tell her not to keep you too long – or maybe you’ll be home before this catches up with you, in which case don’t bother to read it.

Since hearing the news I’ve been playing the piano and doing a little sewing, and hoping someone would call so I could tell them the news – but nobody came near me. Haven’t even seen the gals from downstairs. And now it’s bedtime and I’m sure I won’t be able to sleep. In a few days I should get a telegram saying you’re in Canada, even if you don’t get leave immediately.

Silly writing this way, isn’t it? But I can’t concentrate on anything. Maybe I’d better leave it until tomorrow. Maybe there’ll be a letter then.

This morning I was just putting the baby out in her pram when Art Harraf came along – but he hadn’t anything for me. First time he’d seen Evelyn and first thing he said was that she’s like you!

Weighed Evelyn at the drugstore this afternoon. Not as accurate as the clinic, but near enough – 18 lb. 8 oz.

Ah me, guess I’ll get to bed. See you soon, my dearest.

All my love,

Wednesday – June 6/45


I didn’t realize it was so late. I was making overalls for the infant and the time just flew by. Yes, it has come to overalls! Now when I put her on the floor she ends up at the other side of the room in about 2 seconds flat. She doesn’t exactly crawl yet – sort of rolls, but she gets there and looks so proud of herself! But her little legs get so grubby (but I do sweep my floors!) that they need covering.

I have just had an idea. (No wise cracks, please!) I’ll send this Air Mail to Halifax and maybe it will greet you there, or anyway catch you before you leave there. Mum (who was in here for a few minutes today) has bet me a nickel that you are coming direct here via Panama and won’t call at Halifax and if you do I’ll not only lose a nickel but you won’t get this. But I think it’s worth risking. Won’t send it until tomorrow evening, though, as some pictures should be ready at the drugstore at 5 o’clock. I sure hope these are clear after the blast I got a while ago!

Four letters from you today, darling. No’s 101 to 104, No. 100 appears to have gone astray. From remarks you make I take it it’s from Oslo and I think it would be very interesting, so I hope it turns up. You sure have been having you a time, haven’t you? Your letters are so interesting. You’ll sure have some stories to tell, won’t you? Today must have been a good day for mail, as Mary told me on the phone that one had just arrived from you for Len.

Just read those wonderful letters through again. There’s so much in them I don’t think I can begin to remark on them – will leave it until you’re home.

In case this does reach you in Halifax before some of my recent letters, I’d better repeat a few things. The daughter has a tooth! It arrived on Sunday morning – at least I discovered it in church. Have been expecting another one to pop out (they are supposed to come in pairs) but it hasn’t arrived yet.

Next piece of news, at long last we are getting a telephone! I signed up for it last Saturday and they said it would be in in a week or 10 days, so it should be any time now. At least it will be here for you to call your chums when you’re home.

By the way, be sure to let me know when and how you will arrive at Vancouver. I may meet you there after all. I’m not promising – it depends on Mum and Evelyn, but I do want to so much.

Tonight there was an accident right outside my window and I didn’t know anything about it until it was all over. I heard a siren and looked out, and there were 2 Oak Bay buses (I think one was involved and the other stopped to keep it company) and a lot of cars and a crowd of people. Also the police patrol and ambulance! Must have been exciting, but I don’t know exactly what it was all about. Will probably read it in the paper tomorrow.

I discovered some potatoes in my cupboard today that I’d forgotten I had, and they had all sprouted, some of them 3 or 4 inches. So I planted them. Imagine forgetting potatoes these days – they are practically unobtainable just now.

Guess that’s all now, darling. Imagine you reading this in Halifax. I feel nearer to you already – no ocean between us! As you say “kisses” are legal again, I’d better leave room for some!

All my love,




Letter No.105 came today, darling, saying you expect to be home by the end of this month. I had already figured that, but it sure is good to hear it from you.

Regarding secrecy, I hope you realize that everybody in town has probably read in the papers that the ‘Iroquois’ is on its way home, and generally the papers seem to get a list of local men from any ships which are in. So please don’t blame me if people know approximately when you will get there. I won’t tell them the exact time, don’t worry. I want you all to myself for a while!

I have practically decided to meet you in Vancouver, so look for me. But if I’m not there just hop the boat and I’ll be waiting for you at the dock!

Lots more love,

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