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Date: December 29th 1944
Wanda Gill - (wife)
Leslie Gill

letter #63

HMCS Iroquois
c/o GPO London
Dec 29/44

My Dearest

This is going to be a “swiftie”, and soon as its finished Ill start another on the swell paper. These do get there a bit faster than the others, dont they? Letter for me today, the one you wrote on Evelyns birthday. Took long enough to get here, what? It is probably Christmas rush and stuff. I told you all about our Xmas I think. It was OK as far as food and refreshments, but Xmas and no wifey is just too lonely for words. It could have been a lot worse, though, so I wont moan too much. All the more to look forward to next Xmas!

Im very pleased to hear our wonder-child is making such progress, and in so many different ways. Particularly sleeping all night! That is very important. I dont think either of us relish the old routine of walking the floor with baby all night! Traditional, but an awful bore. Make her stay awake all day so she’s sure to want to get her head down and keep it down while Mummie and Daddie snooze.

I wondered what had happened to Wm (Red) Thompson. So he’s at sea again? He had a lovely soft job on a depot ship in the Azores all summer. Will you send me his official address please? I’d like to drop him a line and thank him for his effort.

Too bad you didn’t receive the picture. It was of the windmills in a row. Peculiar sort of windmills too, very ancient model. I’ve never seen any like them before. However, the picture may turn up some day.

Since it is now ten days after the UMD annual banquet, it is quite in order for you to ask permission to attend! Permission granted! Hope you have (?) a fine time. Its wet for you to go home so early though. Too late now to offer my advice, but why on earth couldnt you just let Grannie give her an extra bottle at 10 PM and stay as late as you like at the banquet? Apparently you need me there to solve these difficult situations for you! May I put in a request to this effect and produce your letter as evidence? “Please sir, my wife needs me at home to tell her how to raise the baby!”

We had a long spell of better weather too. Clear and cold to fair and fresh. A bit nippy at times, but much better than the usual dismal stuff. Full moon too. I always think of you, my dearest, when I see a nice moon. You’re crazy about moons and Im crazy about you, so there’s a direct connection!

You dont seem to see much of Zora, or do you? She owes me a letter now, dont forget to remind her! Too bad, but she put the wrong construction or took her wrong meaning, from that letter you showed her. After all, it was written in November, wasnt it? It doesnt mean anything.

Im really alarmed to hear Evelyn’s eyes are darker already! Surely you’re mistaken. Isn’t there anything you can do to keep them blue till I get home? She must be a definite brunette or they’d be blue for at least a year. Even the Garnot kids had blue eyes for months, and look how dark they are now. I did so want to have a lil blue eyed gal for a while! Of course, they have to turn green later, so they’ll be like my other sweethearts’! I love a green-eyed gal (One only!)

Nice of the Thompsons, inviting you up for Xmas. Tell me all about it please. Did you have a little tree at home too? There was not much sense cooking a dinner just for the three of you, especially since Evelyn gets hers second-hand, as it were! Was that out of place? I’m not sorry! I love you, and I’m allowed to get away with things like that! Still have your letter saying so.

Bye now darling.

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