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Date: December 8th 1942
Peter Guttormsson
Carl Henneberg

[sender’s address from envelope:
“Capt C.C. Henneberg,
No 5 General Hospital,
Canadian Army Overseas”]

8 Dec. 1942

Dear Peter:

When I received your letter, I made arrangements to go to London to procure the power of attorney, which I received yesterday, and am enclosing in this letter. The legal department told me that I should also send a copy to the Bank of Commerce in Flin Flon, which I am doing.

I presume you received my letter. Harvey is again in hospital with his back, and in conversation a few minutes ago, we both agreed that Flin Flon would not be the same without your presence. Thanks a lot for looking after the disposal for me, I hope some day to have an opportunity to repay you. There is a trunk in the Company Hospital, and my microscope and sphygmomanometer in the clinic which I would like to keep. If they are in the way I would appreciate if you would ship them to Estevan to Dad. I notice that in the power of attorney there is no mention of attorney to my bank account (which I forgot to mention when I gave the details to the legal department) so if there is any expense that cannot be paid direct from the proceeds of the interest in the business, I should be glad to send a cheque.

Kay and I send our best of the Season’s greetings to the family, Salin and yourself.

And again thanks for everything.


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Original Scans