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Date: January 18th 1942
Peter and Salin Guttormsson
Carl Henneberg

18 January 1942.

Dear Peter and Salin —

This is just a short note to tell you of my engagement, to supplement the cable I am sending tomorrow.

I regret that I will not be able to see the looks of surprise that this announcement will cause. As you know I would have wagered all my worldly goods that a purple moon was more probable than such an occasion. However now that it has come to pass, I feel that it is the most sensible thing I have ever done.

The girl responsible for the miracle is Kay Warham, a Canadian Nursing Sister in this unit. She is 33, Protestant, and the acme of charming femininity. We have known each other for a long time, but only recently realized that we were suffering from an ailment that only a parson can cure. We have not set the date yet as we are in the king’s uniform and must obtain permission, which will certainly be granted, but may take a little time. Kay wishes to be married in April or June. Personally, I favour tomorrow but that is unfortunately impractical and impossible.

So there it is, and I am damned glad of it.

I have been up to London and Hammersmith post-graduate school of medicine for a course on War Surgery. It was an excellent course, consisting of lectures and demonstrations on cadavers. I hope to have more of them.

I presume you received the unit picture which I sent. You will notice Norm Elvin and Cec Clark. Unfortunately Harvey was in hospital with an arthritis of the spine at the time and was not in the picture. He is working again but has to go easy on sports or any violent exercises.

Thanks for the cigarettes, which were greatly appreciated. They are very difficult to buy here, and anyway I do not like the English varieties.

Peter, would you please have the Income tax people write to me and let me know what I owe them. I have neglected paying for 1940, and would like to send a cheque to clear it up.

I will write again soon as I think you will be interested in developments.

Yours most sincerely

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