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Date: March 18th 1944
Patricia Tupman - (friend)
Lawrence Jodoin

March 18

Dear Pat.

I received both of your letters dated Jan 16 and Feb. 13 and was I ever glad to hear from you again. In the first letter you said that you dont like people that drink and also that you hope that I havent being stringing you a line about not drinking, well its the truth I havent been drinking at all. You asked about a picture, well Ill have one taken next payday which is the 24. of this month so Ill send you one. Thats all the questions I can answer in your first letter so now Ill endeavor to answer the ones in the second one.

Well here goes for the second one. In the first place I dont mine a darn bit you writing to me so often, in fact the more letters that I receive from you the better I feel. You want to watch yourself going down those steps or else you kill yourself and then where would I be. And now about Johnny I havent received any word from him yet so if you see him tell him I remember those letters from Comox Ive read yours so many times I know them by heart.

I sure wished that I could be back there with all of you, Johnny, Dorry, and of course you most of all. You know its not until you get away from somebody such as you that you remember how much you care for them and how when you were near them how much you neglected them. Well I think Id better pack this up before I start getting sentimental and start revisiting each time I was out with you.

Well sweet I ll say goodbye for now.


P.S. I sure like to be with you tonight.

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