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Date: August 2nd 1916
Maudelean Carter – (friend)
Thomas Garton

Aug. 2.nd 1916

Miss Maudie Carter
Clinton Ont.

Dear Maudie :-

Just a few more lines to let you know that I am alright and feeling O.K. we are having pretty hot dry weather over here now but there is no telling how soon the weather man may change it and give us more rain than we want.

Say I would like to have been hiding some-where when you two were going through my things, I guess you found more than a book “eh” what did you think of some of the pictures or did you find them?.

B. Bezzo is still O.K. he is right here with us but I guess he is sleeping to-day for most of the boys were out on a working party last night. So the most of them are sleeping now for it was almost day-light when the came in. how was that last letter? I bet you fell asleep reading it Surely it was long enough I could have written more only it got dark and I had to quite, so this is just the finish of it, I guess you will think that I am a long time finishing it, but they say better late than never.

So the people at Lucknow thought I was likely to stay in Hospital “eh” well I might to at that but not if I know it but I wouldn’t mind taking a trip across to England just the same although I am not likely to meet my Brother over there for I guess they will not be leaving Canada for some time yet. I saw Milton Rintoul a couple of times before we moved farther away from each other. but I don’t know where he is now I have not heard from him since but I guess he will be alright for I think is bunch were going farther back of the line. anyway I am living in hopes of seeing him again soon. Well as this is just the finish of the last one it will have to be short for there is not much to tell you now, there is lots I could tell you but you know it is against the rules so have to keep quiet. must close for this time will write before long. remember me to the folks over there. I am as ever


No 400146 Pte Tom Garton
Grenade Company
1st Canadian Battalion

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