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Date: April 10th 1945
Mother – (Mary Stubbs)
Anthony Stubbs


F/O R. A. Stubbs J26815
APO 8380

Dear Mother:

Yesterday I went into Warrington to see Ken Reid. He is on his way back to Canada having completed his tour. Actually he has only about 100 hours more than I but his tour in Ceylon is only a year and starts from the day he left England. Do you remember that he got my posting?

The two parcels that I left in London to be forwarded have not arrived yet and I am afraid they may arrive just when I cannot handle them—that is after I am all packed. The odd thing I will need in the future is such things as buttons (shirt and pant) as I will have these khaki things made up. Also shirts with epaulets like the one I had that I think Mary lifted to work in the orchard.

Had a letter from Helliwell Mac. & Co. giving the rehabilitation plan and wanting to know whether I am coming back. I said yes. The plan is to combine the last two years of study I have to do into a one year course. As I have forgotten everything I should have thought it would take about three years. I hope my office wasn’t damaged by the ship explosion you mention

You seem to be really going in for the jig saw puzzles these days. I should think these 1000 piece ones must be rather scarce.

Funny thing, when I first told you I had heard from Peter was wounded I immediately wrote to him. He was wounded the day after he received this letter. I think my rumour must refer to an incident when a jeep crashed into his conveyance at the time and Peter split his head open on some piece of iron

Glad to hear your water supply is pure. After all I didn’t always used to bother to filter it for myself. And that is one habit I have got to change now.

Peter also told me that Dick Ford was missing. I hope that there has been some good news by now.

What a pity it looks as if you’ll have to wait for the tractor awhile. Quite apart from its obvious benefits it is so annoying to have set your heart on something that doesn’t happen just when you had planned.

With love from


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]

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