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Date: April 6th 1945
Mother – (Mary Stubbs)
Anthony Stubbs


April 6. 1945

Dear Mother:

I just got back from leave today so I ought to be able to settle down to catching up on my mail during the next few days. I wish now that I had found the time to write at the time because it is hard to think back.

I left off I believe just when I was setting off to the Tower with Jimmy Miller. Well it was worth seeing but spoilt rather by having the rest of the armed forces on leave there at the same time as us. Saw two show the next day. The first was a revue ‘Strike It Again’ which we thought was really excellent—quite surprised us, having been spoilt I think by so many rotten ENSAs. The other shows ‘The Years Between’ was a bit too heavy to be interesting but Clive Brook was very good.

Went to supper with Alex and Freda that night I believe so perhaps that is when I got my two large photographs of my type of aircraft. I’d intended going to Moreton the next day but bumped into a fraternity brother I hadn’t seen for about five years so stayed over an extra day to have lunch with him. In the evening I went on a party with Jimmy, his skipper and a Canadian nurse. There were supposed to be more nurses but only one could get away. I took them around to my usual haunts and made them members of the Tudor Club.

March 21 Left for Moreton in M. I had a grand time there and didn’t work to hard though I had to get up earlier than Dick usually does. They have breakfast about nine but Dorothy and Valerie get up at 0630. Uncle G. and I usually spent the mornings going around the farm taking roll call and feeding the animals but there were always lots of odd jobs like hauling hay and straw or mangolds, fixing fences etc. They have a lot of electric fences now and you have to remember which ones are in the circuit because they work it on a zone system. I got fooled once.

With love from


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]

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