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Date: January 9th 1943
Eira Williams - (friend)
Jean Turner

Mont Jolie, Que.
9 -1-43

Dear Eira;

Just a few lines to thank you very much for the lovely Christmas present. I haven’t used it as yet but intend on doing so one of these fine days. I’m getting my photo taken and will send you one as soon as I get it.

I had five days leave at Christmas and spent it with friends in Campbellton N.B. I had a very nice but quiet time of it. I usually spend most of my forty‑eights their and always have a marvellous time. I hate coming back to the old grind once more.

Here I am on night duty again this week. I’m busy catching up on my correspondence and what a job. I doubt if I’ll ever make it. I’ve just finished the lunch dishes and thought I’d write a few more letters. I try and write three or four every night and usually manage it.

Well, here I am again and am now on days. I had a very quiet week even though the Hospital was nearly full. They are going and coming nearly all the time.

I’m going home on furlough and a forty‑eight after duty Thursday night and can hardly wait. The folks are as anxious to see me as I am to see them.

There is a dance on the station to‑night. I imagine I’ll be going as I usually have a good time. They hold two and three shows a week and I always or nearly always go and see them. They are usually pretty good.

I’m even trying to learn to bowl since I came here but, I don’t go often enough to keep in practice. There isn’t much of anything doing here these days.

What, have you been doing lately? How’s work going these days? Are you still on the same job? How’s your mother and dad remember me to them.

Here I am still trying to get this letter finished and don’t seem to be doing so well. I’m beginning to get ready to go home on leave. I don’t know what to take. I have a little washing and ironing to do to-night. I’m patiently waiting to get off duty so I can go and wash my hair.

News is scarse so must close for now. Write soon and give me all the news. Hoping to hear from you soon. Will write again soon.


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