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Date: July 5th 1942
Eira Williams - (friend)
Jean Turner

July 5th. 1942.

Dear Eira,

Just a few lines to let you know that I haven’t forgotten, you even though it may look that way. I have been pretty busy and haven’t had time for writing as many letters as I’d like it.

We had a very nice trip down here even though I was train sick all one day. Which spoilt everything. The Porter we had was grand to us and would do anything we wanted him to. The last night on the train we chipped together and gave the Porter a tip. He was so surprised that he didn’t know what to say or do.

The first week we were here we were fitted for shoes; overshoes (glamour boots); uniforms; etc. Then we had Medicals; Dentals; Inoculations (five in all), Photographs and Finger Prints taken. Besides all that we had to make out wills and two or three other papers had to be filled out. Then at the end of the week and from then on we had P.T.; Drill and Lectures every day. Most of our Lectures were very interesting indeed.

I saw a lot of Eunice while she was at Rockcliffe. She looks very nice indeed in her uniform. She is at St. Thomas now but I don’t know how long for.

A week ago Friday our Squadron escorted No. 1 Squadron down to Rockcliffe station where they were inspected by the C.O. of the station. It was certainly a grand parade and thrill. Then on Friday our Squadron was escorted down their. We were inspected by Miss Bather an English W.A.A.F. officer. We were the first Squadron to wear Summer dress on a parade. We had Band Music to march to which made it all the nicer.

We have finished our four weeks initial training and most of the girls left Friday night for their stations. The Hospital Ass’ts stay two more weeks at Rockcliffe and then go to St. Thomas for two weeks and from their I don’t know.

We had a forty-eight this week-end and am spending it here at North Bay. I am with a girl from Edmonton by the name of Irene Letowsky. She is going in for the same thing I am.

On the way to North Bay we met a couple of New Zealand Pilots. We certainly had a grand time. The one I was with was a Serg. Pilot and he’s going to write to me. He was on his way to North Battleford.

I have seen quite a bit of Ottawa and the surrounding country in the short time I’ve been their. It really is very nice indeed. Everyone on our Station are very nice and that helps a lot. Then I like my training very much indeed. I wouldn’t change it for anything and that is no fooling.

I have been to a show every week since I came east and they all have been very good.

I am wearing my uniform now. It took me almost three weeks to get it. Last week we were issued with our summer dress and of course as usual I had to have mine shortened before I could wear it. That is the only trouble with being small.

I met a soldier who used to play Hockey for Yorkton in 1940-41. He is in the Canadian Postal Corps and is stationed at Ottawa. His name is Sid Fenn. He seems to be very nice indeed. I have been out with him three or four times.

I have been dancing twice since I came east and have enjoyed myself. The only thing is that they dance so much differently down here than they do in the West.

This is my third letter to-day. I’m not doing too badly, am I. It rained all afternoon and we didn’t go out so I decided to write letters instead. I never seem to get caught up at all.

Well what have you been doing lately? And how is work going? Are you taking any holidays this year? How are your folks? Remember me to them please and tell them I’m fine.

On Friday afternoon in Ottawa about five or six soldiers jumped into the Canal and tried to swim it with full battle dress on. They all had to be rescued and two of them died. I guess they were trying to show off as it was Army Week. They certainly mad a big fuss over it in Ottawa.

You certainly wouldn’t think that gas was rationed to see the cars running around down here. It is terrible in the cities especially. And that is no kidding.

What is doing in Regina these days anything exciting? Have you seen Dorothy and Gordon since I was their.

Well news is getting scarse and it will soon be train time so I really must draw this scribble to a close. Write real soon and let me know all the news. Will write again one of these fine days as soon as I get the time

Try and not work too hard.


P.S. Here’s my new address:
A.W.2 Turner J.I.
R.C.A.F. (W.D.)
No. 7 “M” Depot,
M.P.O. 306 T.T.S.
Rockcliffe Ont.

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