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[cover, beneath insignia of the 147 Battalion:]

Reg. No. 838524

[paybook title page:]

The 147th Grey O.S. Bn. C.E.F.


Reg. No. 838524

[paybook journal pages, used for diary entries:]


Jan 6   enlisted in 147 Bn at Owen Sound

May 18   left O.S. for Niagara landed 19th

July 3   left Niagara for Camp Borden.

Oct 6   left Camp Borden for Amherst

Oct 8   arrived at Amherst

Nov 13   left Amherst for Halifax

Nov 14    sailed from Halifax

Nov 19    arrived and cast anchor at mouth of Mersey river

Nov 20   sailed up river to Liverpool

Nov 21    landed on English soil and went to Shoreham-by-Sea Sussex


Feb 20   Left Shoreham for Crowborough

Apr 12   warned on draught for France

Apr 18   Left Crowborough

Apr 19   arrived in Bologne, France via Folkestone

Apr 20   arrived in M.G.C. Base Depot Camiers, sect 18. Can. Con. BEF

May 6   Left Camiers for up the line

May 8   joined My unite at Neuville St Vastt

May 11   up the line under shell fire

june 3   went out for Bert at [Guay?] Sains

Aug 15 .   over the top north of Lens hill 70

Sept 9.   reported sick and got down to the Base

Nov 29    left the Base for reinforcement Camp

Dec 16   left reinforcement Camp and joined the [Coy?]

Dec 16   joined my Coy at Au Ritez


Feb 3   went on leave to Eng.

Feb 17 - arrived Back to my Coy

July 1   left Reviere and went to liencourt

July 13   left Liencourt for Burneville.

July 15   landed in Burneville

July 18   lift Burneville for liencourt

July 23   landed in Liencourt

Aug. 8   over the top at Longueau Amiens 18 h. 1st. day

Aug 17    Came out of of the line and back to Caix

Aug 19   left Caix and started for langueau

Aug 20   landed in langueau and entrained

Aug 21    disentrained at Frevent and went to Houvin - Houvigneal

Aug 23    left Houvin - Houvigneal and marched to petit Houvin and entrained

Nov 18   started on the march accross Belgium

Dec 5   crossed the German frontier

Dec 13   crossed the Rhine at Bonn and landed in barracks at Troisdorfe

Dec 5   left Bovigny crossed the border 11.5  5/12/18 arrived at. St. Vith   19[km]

Dec 6   left St. Vith arrived at albruthen dorf   29[km]

Dec 7   left Albruthen arrived at Blankenheimer   30[km]

Dec 9   left Blankenheimer arrived at Ivershum   25[km]

Dec 10   left Iversham, arrived at Reinback   18[km]

Dec 11   left Reinback arrived at Friesdorf   18[km]

Dec 13   left Friesdorf arrived at Traisdorf   25[km]

              left Left Traisdorf on way to Floreffe


April 8   Left Floreffe

April 10   Arrived at Le Havre

April 12   Lift Le Havre

April 13   landed in Eng at Southampton and took train to Witley Camp

May 14   left Witley Camp took train to Tilbury docks and went aboard the Minnekadda

May 22   landed at Halifax and boarded train

May 25   landed at Toronto 9 hrs. 11 hrs. had my discharge

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Original Scans