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Date: February 28th 1945

Croft, Yorkshire, U. K

February 28, 1945

Dear Mom,

I was surprised to receive your Valentine in the mail the other day. It came by Airmail, since you used a 30 cent stamp. Thanks a lot for remembering me. As for myself, it was just after my leave to London, and I hardly noticed that the day was a particular one.

I tried to get a comb and a nail file in town the other day, and there are none to be found, so please send them to me. I've started a new stamp collection over here, but since stamp hinges are hard to get, please send 10,000 to me. I'd like that many because Nigel Temple, an R A F. fellow who is in our hut, also collects stamps, and would like to have some hinges. The collection I'm starting win be separate from the one I have at home. When I get back, I'll put them all together.

I had a swel1 day in Darlington on the 26th. Nigel and I spent most of the time hunting for an album for my stamps, and we finally got one. In the evening we went to the great N. A F. F. I., and guess what we did? We ate 21 scoops of ice cream each, paying up for all the ice cream I've been missing. It finally made me feel fun.

I received another parcel from Joyce. That's two since I got back from my leave to London. She certainly isn't forgetting me. It contained a can of peaches and cherries, too. I've already eaten the peaches, but I'm saving the cherries for later.

Love to all, Lewis.