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Date: June 22nd 1917
Dad – (Edwin Davis)
Worth Davis

Eastbourne 22/6/17.

Dear Dad,

Well, I am busy as ever, and to-morrow the investigation dept. will be down here & we will have more work than ever. Things are pretty well squared away tho, now, but I don’t know what they will find.

Sure glad you have raised repair prices & hope you never have to lower them.

A little of your cold rainy weather has drifted over our way. The last couple of days have been rather cold & damp. Last night, Gladys & I saw a show, called “Cook.” It is a new one and is being tried out here for a week, before staging it in London. It is a dandy show, but a very weak ending. The leading lady Irene Rooke, I have seen before & she is very good. Gladys & I are getting rather “fed up” with each other & I am in interested in my work now so don’t think I will see much more of her.

I imagine the Hogarth stock would be a much poorer buy than Trestains, because Trestain had good taste, and Hogarth went after the cheaper trade too much. A great deal of his is likely very old too.

I had one of Mother’s letters the other day, that had been to France by mistake.

Going to print snaps to-night must get at it.

Your affectionate son,

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Original Scans