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Date: July 28th 1918
Miriam Davis – (sister)
Worth Davis


My Dear Miriam,

I have your letter of June 29th and, also the parcel, for which a thousand thanks. I got four parcels in a bunch to-night. Will likely be sick again – what!

Isn’t the news from the front glorious this week? Do hope it continues to be so.

I just found out to-night that Sister Douglas, did come over with our unit sisters, and to France, returning later to Blighty and is Now I think in Kitchener Hospital, Brighton (where Alex was). She was not with the unit either in England or France. Our Sisters came over first, you may re-member and were split up. We have lost most of them now I think. either to Blighty or Canada.

It is terrible about Auntie. I feel so sorry for the girls. Do hope Vera is able to go out there now.

I do hope you have had your holidays by now, girlie. I know just how you look forward to them, this seven days a week stuff is not just what it is cracked up to be. The people who have Sunday to rest, or at least, a complete change from business on Sunday, do not realize what it means. Of course house-keeping is seven – or eight – days a week, isn’t it.

Spence is most fortunate to be back – if he never has to return. I can imagine nothing worse than six months or a year in Canada, and then having to return to, this, curse’d war. I hope it is over before those boys have to come back.

I am glad kid that I did not take up medicine, I am sure I would not like it as well as business. It has many drawbacks. You are also mistaken about my present work. I don’t know of any other department where I would fit as well nor where I would like the work as well as in the Q.M. Dept. Of course there are several branches in it, with not a great deal to choose between them. It is work that must be done, and be done correctly, each day or your books will be balled up at the month end, so there is no “letting it slide.” Of course the hours are long, but after the first of the month, when I expect to be back on full duty, we will have more help, and I will be able to have an afternoon occasionally. This will be much better.

I have heard from home that you are off nights and back with the babies again. I am sure you will enjoy the change to days, but not sure about the department. Are you glad you did not go to the “Sick Children’s”? I certainly am, if you do not like the youngsters – for them anyway.

Don’t worry about that other little matter you mentioned. There is no danger.

I thought you had typhoid inoc. long ago and if so, I don’t see why this one made you sick. It very seldom bothers the boys after the first series. It never did go for me very hard, altho some of them were pretty sick. The only part I don’t like, is the needle and I never did think very much of anything in that line.

That was a funny experience Vic. and [?] had, but I’ll bet they didn’t half enjoy it. Rather hard on the [?] too, but he should wise up that there is a war on.

I am not doing much for a few days till I feel more like working, but before the week is out, I will be jake again. My nose is very little sore now, but I feel kind of “groggy” in the mornings.

Love to the girls.
Loving brother


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