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Date: 8th

Personnel Records of D 48th Battery, C.F.A.
Last Names Beginning with “H”:

Haines, George Murray; 339837

Hamill, Samuel Gordon; 51040

Hamilton, Hugh Percy; 41032

Harris, Thomas; 41803

Harrison, William Edmund; 305639

Healy, Joshua Hilliard; 63435

Hearn, James Wilfred; 41652

Henderson, William Gerald; 300191

Hepburn, James Hitchcock; 154413

Heppell, Clarence William George; 790201

Hicks, Ansley Samuel; 41445

Higgins, James Joseph; 41154

Hill, Stanley; 41169

Hines, Harris Roland; 85728

Hodge, Oliver Cromwell; 300544

Howe, Dick; 348194

Huard, Joseph Louis; 300068

Hughes, John Francis; 41407

Hyman, Thomas Mitchard; 41634

Original Scans

Original Scans