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Date: January 4th 1944
Audrey Addison – (friend)
Bill Curtis

Jan 4/44

My Dearest Audrey:

Hello darling here I be again. Golly was I ever happy yesterday; I received eighteen letters, ones that had been on the way for the past two months and eleven of them were from you. Thanks a million honey for writing so much and such swell letters (darn this pen [referencing ink blotch on paper]). You must spend all of your ­spare time writing to me, and I sure do appriciate it hon. Three of them were from Mom, one from Pat one from Pats’ boy friend and an old pal of mine, ex F.R. by the name of Killer Ristow, and he is also from Port. Before I forget send your letters to the address on the back of this letter. I’ll get them up to 2 weeks quicker then.

It sure was good to hear that “Maggie” and Brenda are both O.K. I’ll bet Lew had a tougher time of it then they, But don’t all husbands? Personally I wouldn’t know; but I can dream can’t I? Ha, Ha. Someday, which won’t be long maybe Lew  can be the one to console me in some of these hectic moments. Gosh, hon this darn war can’t be over too soon for me so I can get back and keep a certain date. I hope you won’t ever change your mind cause that is all I’m looking forward to and don’t you dare think that these “wee lassies” over here can change my mind. They are as far away from my mind as the sun: it is you I love and that is the way it is going to be for always. Sure miss you honey. So Nanaimo is full of Frenchmen eh? (Those guys are alright in there place, but I can’t see any place for them unless it is over here. You have my sympathy with that mob around.

Has Bob Wallace been around lately! And is he still in the navy? Dad was telling me that his mother said you had received those pictures we had taken at Halifax. Grim aren’t they? Oh well just a couple of more dart boards for you, but rather small. Only fooling honey. Have you had any word from George and Mary [Gerard?]. Send me their address will you please, as I would like to write and also get a letter from him. He sure is a swell guy, I must thank him for taking good care of you for me. I’ll bet you miss those duty dances. Mom told me in her letter that Buzz is in Wetaskiwin Alberta but maybe home soon seeing as how he has received his deferment. We used to fight like cats and dogs but he is sure a heck of a swell brother. Mom didn’t say anything in her letter about Ruth being sick, sure hope she is better. Dad was lucky in having Fred home for Xmas this year, I had a letter from him yesterday but he was still at Vernon at the time of writing. Pat said in her last letter that he was at Courtenay, lucky guy. I don’t suppose he would be there now tho. Tell Lorna I’ll write to her just as soon as I possibly can, and please give her my thanks for writing to me, it was really swell and I’ll not forget it. I was wrong about the castle, it was Edinburgh, I just happened to be thinking of Stirling and a few other castles. I would like to see and it was put in by an error. I remembered it after I had sealed it up but it was too late then and I had forgotten about it till now. Sorry I’m so absent minded honey but you know me. Just gave my pen a refill (transfusion). I am afraid my tonsils will have to come out now honey as they are giving me earaches and headaches, the doc gave that advice again to-nite for the 5th time. I told him I was going to finish my course and to H–– with my tonsils. He didn’t have much to say after that. Well my darling this is about all for to-nite but will write again as soon as I can. Studying these signals for our tests every Sat. keeps me going. Not doing too bad either. Give my regards to your mom and dad, Lorna, Bernie, and all the rest I know. Cheerio for now darling, I love you with all my heart.

All my Love and Kisses
xxxx Bill xxxx

P.S. Keep those letters coming, sure love to get them.

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