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Date: 1918

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Evening Song

When the sun is slowly dropping
And the sky is all aglow,
When the labourer’s homeward plodding
And idle lies the hoe.
When the throstle sings his evening song
And from the toil of day we’re free
Then I will come to you dear
And you will sing to me.

And I will sing to you dear
The song that's in my breast,
The song that is for you dear,
The song that we love best.
And you will sing with me Love
And hand in hand will rest
Till He will call us home dear
To sing among the Blest.

[?] C Wood
“Woodbine House”

[page 2]

[drawing of three fish heads]

I Pesci Da Stob-Hill

[?] C Wood

[page 3]

Those never love, the poets say,
That love not at first seeing,
For so it is the fire is lit,
That warms each separate being,
And draws them in a swift embrace
All other warmth refusing.
And this is love — the poets say,
The only one worth choosing.
Two in a Hammock attempted to Kiss
In less than a Jiffy
     ˙sᴉɥʇ ǝʞᴉl pǝʞool ʎǝɥ┴

GNR. H.P. White.
Royal Horse Artillery
Nov 29. 1917.

[page 4]

A Memory

Eggs that fry
Cocoa strong
Nurses kind
All “Tres Bon”

J. Leslie Campbell, Sergt.
5th Cameron Highrs.
28th December 1917.

[page 5]

For Gold the Merchant Ploughs
The farmer Ploughs the manor
But glory is the Sodger’s prize
The Sodger’s wealth is honour
The brave poor Sodger despise
Nor Count him as a stranger
Remember he’s his Country’s Stay
in day and hour of danger

Bomb. Bradley J.
312 Bgde. B. Battery,

1917 and 18

[page 6]

May Dame Fortune always smile Kindly upon you.
And may you never meet her Sister – Mis(s)fortune.

Pte. Wm Culleton,
#999 1st Newfoundlands

[page 7]

My Album

Here I see familiar faces
Ranged together side by side
Occupying friendships places
Treasured with Affections pride
Kith and Kin and dead and living
Youth and age and grave and gay
Love selected, lie reflected
Lifelike on each hollowed page
Some in lands across the ocean
Exile like are doomed to roam
Others with a fond devotion
Linger still in childhoods
And my spirit feels a pleasure
and a pride not can excell
In possessing this one treasure
Of the friends I Love so well

P Dick

[page 8]

4331 Private Peter Dick
10th Battalion Gordons
Wounded 25th Sept 1915
Prisoner of War 28th Sept 1915
Arrived in England January 1918
Now at Stobhill Hospital

Bonnie Scotland

Heres to the world that runs on wheels
Death is a thing which everyone feels
If Life was a thing money could buy
The rich would Live in the poor would die


[page 9]

It is easy in life to be pleasant
When life goes along like a song
But the man worth while
Is the man who can smile
When everything goes dead wrong

Pte. E. Jones
6th Batt. Yorkshire Regt
Feb. 27/18.

[page 10]

For yesterday is but a dream,
And to-morrow is only a vision;
But to-day, well lived,
Makes every yesterday
A dream of happiness,
And every to-morrow a vision of hope.

Celice S. Hamilton

[page 11]

[profile portrait of a soldier, signed “W. WERREY.”]


[page 12]

[pencil drawing of wild rose plant in bloom; no signature]

[page 13]

[drawing of the emblem of the British Army’s King’s Royal Rifle Corps, with regimental motto “SWIFT AND BOLD”; signed:]

2ND K.R.R.C.

[page 14]

Clifford Dean Drewett
1st April 1919
Ward 4C

[page 15]

Maynard A. Yetts.
1st April 1919
122 Aylmer Ave.
Ottawa Ontario

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