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Date: September 17th 1943
Mother - (Florence Grace Gray)
John Teaton Gray

Ord. Smn. J.T. Gray V50267
3 mess. H.M.S 231
c/o F.M.O. Halifax, N.S.

Dear Mother;

I was glad to hear from you so soon, even if some of your news was bad. I certainly was very sorry to hear about Gordon King’s accident. Its funny isn’t it? He was home living a normal life and I am actively engaged in the war. He is seriously injured and I am hale and hearty. I shall send him a get-well card when I get a chance to go ashore.

I guess the old man hasn’t grown any better since I left. If you can hold on at home until I finish buying this bond, I will make over an allotment of $15.00 per month to you. I am short of money now as I have to buy so many winter clothes. If I get my commission in November I shall have to buy some uniforms and that will cost plenty. However, I can promise that after November you will get $15.00 per month. Would that be any help? In the meantime, if I can save any at all, I will send it home. You would think he would get wise to himself when Bruce started working away from home. It takes some people a long while to learn anything.

I can’t think of any news about myself (that I can tell you) I have seen plenty of excitement and action but I can’t tell you anything. It wouldn’t interest you anyhow.

I was a bit seasick on our last trip. We struck some rough weather and lost a lot of dishes. I didn’t mind losing the dishes but our dinners were in them. The language was rather coarse for a few minutes. There’s one thing about an English ship that you would like. We have tea about 50 times a day. When I come home I want milk. I want all the milk I can soak into my salty hide.

I got a pair of socks from you about four or five weeks ago when I was in “H” block. Thank you very much, they were swell. Did you mean that you sent some more when you wrote? I thought I wrote and thanked you for them. I am sorry if I didn’t. I shall pay you well for them as soon as I can get a money order.

I wish I could think of something to say but my brain won’t work. I shall try to write an interesting letter next time. If you see Huldie tell her I expect her to answer my letter. I think I wrote to Jeanie too but I am not sure. I shall write again just in case. Give my love to all the family. Bye now

Your loving tar

P.S. Write soon.


[Editor’s note: The letter was dated from the envelope’s censor stamp date of “17.9.43”.]

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