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Date: March 4th 1943
Mother - (Florence Grace Gray)
John Teaton Gray

Ord. Smn John T. Gray
“A” Block B-8
H.M.C.S. Cornwallis
Halifax, N.S.
Mar 4/1943.

Dearest mother;

I'm writing to tell you my address. I'm not sending it for fun. I'm sending it so you can answer this letter. Also you’re to send it to Huldie, Jeanie, and all my friends. I'm in Halifax you know, among strangers and I want to receive some letters. It's rather lonely here you know.

Now that I've told you off I'll tell you how I like it here. It's fine what I've seen of it, which isn't much. One thing about it is that I am nearer home than I thought I would be. I won't be home for at least six months, however. I should get 14 days then.

I was in Fredericton last weekend but I missed Charlies last trip and didn't get home. I wish I had of, now.

I'm still in the same old class I was with in St. John. I'm certainly glad. It helps a lot when you know all the boys. By the way, I haven't looked up “Uncle Bill Brown” yet. I think I'll try to locate him tomorrow night, if I have time. There's always something to do here.

When I'm down here I think of home much more than I did in Saint John. The nearer you get to the fight, the more you think of things like that. The nearer it comes the more anxious you are for it too. I'll probably be to sea for a while before I'm home again. I hope so anyhow. The sooner I'm at it, the better.

Well I'm tired tonight so I think I'll close. I'm sure glad I brought my guitar. The boys all like it fine. There aren't many guitar players here. Well I must close

lots of love

P.S. Use the address at the head of the letter.

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