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Date: August 9th 1941
Mother & Dad - (Wilhelmina & John Gray)
John (Jack) Gray

Sat. 9/8/41

Dear Mother and Dad

As it has been the last couple of tries I have started writing you I only have about five minutes as Harry and I are just ready to leave for London for the short weekend, I hope you have been getting all the letters I have written this past couple of weeks.

Next week we are to be posted to [censored] which will be a lot better than what we have been doing. We have hopes of being posted to a squadron which will be sent east but that we cannot tell.

I just learned a couple of days ago that the summer is over here. Apparently there is about one week of summer sometime in June or July and now the fall has come. I thought this was just a rainy spell.

Say I nearly forgot to thank you for the parcel which included Mrs. Boomer’s sox, [cut out when reverse side censored] and razor blades which was great. I am including a note to Mrs. Boomer but will be writing her a letter some of these days. I sent you a wire yesterday as it was pay day – I also banked another pound so still have banked at least one pound every pay.

Despite the long wire it is best to send the parcels to me giving all particulars
            Royal Canadian Air Force
            Attached to R.A.F.
Send letters through to Heston please – it really is an awful lot faster than the other way. The trouble with parcels is that it might make a little difference at the customs unless it is clearly stated that I’m in the service of His Majesty’s R.C.A.F. and all that baloney.

I must go now and please tell Mrs. Boomer that I didn’t have time to write her but will do so on Monday when I get back


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Original Scans