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Date: March 17th 1944
Mother and Dad
Malcolm McKenzie

March 17, 1944

Dear Mother and Dad,

I am writing this during the morning stand easy. I am feeling a lot better now and I think I am getting over the fainting. The M.O. says my blood pressure is all right except it goes down when I stand up. We went on two route marches yesterday and that was a lot of fun. Everything is going fine here. I went over to Uncle Campbells last night for supper. Marie is getting on fine, and it won’t be long before she will be able to use it. I have some news that is not so good. I will not be able to get any leave before I go to Cornwallis. We are taking a 4 week course and if I was taking an 8 week course I would get leave after 4 weeks, but as it is we will not get any. I would like you to come up here before I go, for a visit. Uncle Campbell and Aunt Iola say to come. I will get draft leave for a while just before I go but I have to report every few hours. Alles ist vole. Kommen sie oher sie konnen.

Your loving son,

[Ed. Note: Translation (unverified) of German “Alles ist vole. Kommen sie oher sie konnen”: “Everything is fine. Come as soon as you can.”]

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