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Date: July 23rd 1918
Harold Dean

Same add.
July 23/18

Dear Mother

This has been a lucky week end for mail as I have rec’d two more letters from you mailed June 26 and July 3rd, one from Mary July 4 and one from Ruth. All were good news except the measles or rash or whatever the kids picked up. So Aunt Jennie has another, how many is that five or six?

I have not seen Frank yet but as I wrote a week ago I had a day with Rollie. I will look up Bob Manzer if I get a chance in London before I get posted for H.S. I am mobolized now and will go in a couple of days. So the fruit was good this year. I do not eat much here as it is expensive but I had a good feed of strawberries one day a couple of weeks ago. I missed the cream though as it cannot be bought or sold here. Watches etc must be bought in Canada as it would be a trouble and risk sending them from here. They are not any cheaper anyway.

Dad has been OK I read and has fenced the lot at Crescent. A house should be built there and you and him take a three months holiday and let things slide at home. I guarantee things would go on just the same.

As far as money is concerned I am doing all right at present but if I get a leave and wire an address and the amount please forward it as soon as you can. Things are expensive here and money don’t go very far. I buy a meal of eggs etc every day just the change the taste in my mouth from Army grub.

Send me a list of what money you have received of mine up to the date of your next letter as I want to check up my a/c as soon as I get posted. You should have received about five dollars per week since Feb 1916 which would amount to $600 by now. I dont care if you use it all as long as we are getting it all. Please send a clear statement of the amounts and when you rec’d them if possible. Get Mary to write it out.

Telly Mary I will try and send my camera but will not mail it at present anyway.

It is good to hear the girls are all working this summer. You should see the women here.

Well Mother I hope you can read this as I am not comfortable sitting on the floor with paper on my kit bag. Bye Bye with lots of love to all

Your loving son

Will try for home leave in another week or so. Might possibly make it by Christmas but chances are poor

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