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Date: January 1st 1918
Harold Dean

German East Africa
January 1st 1918

Dear Mother

New Years Day and I can hardly realize it is the beginning of another year. Christmas passed very quietly here although we had a big dinner at night of chicken and dressing etc. with plum pudding to wind up. There was a good gathering as we had about twenty-five Canadians in the bunch. We had a small concert with sing songs and recitations in the evening. Last night we had a duplicate only not so elaborate a spread and sat up till the old year got away and the new one took things over.

The day before yesterday I got a mail but no parcels. I had yours of Sept 16, 23 and 30 with a letter from Aunt Annie enclosed, Mary’s of Sept 21 and 30 and a letter from Aunt Annie direct mailed from mass Oct 15th which I will enclose to you. I will try and write her an answer today if I can get time.

Your letters were full of news and all the little ins and outs of life at home. By the way I am sorry to hear about the old dog Bob but I suppose he is alright now. The money I was talking of I did not send and as I expect to get leave soon now I will not bother with it. I tried to send it two or three times but something was always in the way so I gave it up as a bad job at last.

The papers are certainly full of causalties now I keep wondering how many are left of the old boys. However the family relatives seem to be trying hard to supply material for 1937, tell them to keep it up nothing like it.

I am sorry to hear of Mrs. Crawfords illness, I dont remember whether I told you, I suppose I did, of her being on the same train as we were when going east Jan/16.

Well Mother Dear I have started the New Year right away and I will try and keep it up but lets hope before another one correspondence will not be used on paper between us. Will say Bye Bye for now, as I have no news, with lots of love to all relatives and friends

Your loving son

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