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Date: July 23rd 1915
Mother and Father
Frank Love


Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Love have received a letter from their son Gunner Frank Love, who is with the Fourth Battery at the front. It is written from France and is dated June 30th. He says:

I received your letter to-day and was glad to know all are well as I am at present.

We have been through two fierce battles since I wrote you last and lost a few of the boys, but this will happen at any time out here. We had our guns in very dangerous positions both times. I cannot tell you how close we were to the Germans but I would like to. We could hear them talk quite plain, so you can nearly guess the distance. Now I will tell you a very funny thing that will show you how well they are dug in. I told you how close we were before and I have even been closer now. I have been out here five months and I have not seen a German, excepting a prisoner yet, except one day and that was a change.

I heard about poor Tom Diamond's death (in Cobourg). It was sad. Only a young boy too. I expect to see Mrs. Munn in another week if nothing happens. I am going on pass. That is right about Stuart being wounded (Craig) but although it is bad enough his wound is not dangerous. Tell his mother I saw him the night he was wounded, and he did not seem to be so very bad. He was trying to hide the pain. Tell her not to worry as he will get along all right.

We are in a nice quiet position and it is quite what we want as we have had it quite stiff since we came out here. I have had many letters that I have not had time to answer. Will send cards when I get to Scotland.
With love to all.