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Date: January 19th 1917
Clifford Lajoie
Wilfred Lajoie


Mr. Clifford Lajoie, Parry Sound, has kindly forwarded following letter to us, which he has received from his brother, Corp. W.P. Lajoie:

Well Cliff, this is Christmas Eve in Old England and am looking for Santa Claus. He has been very good to me so far. I am sorry I could not send you something for Christmas, but we do not get much money and to living we have to buy eats, and that is the way our money goes. Most of the boys get money from home, but I can get along very well on what I get.

But next Christmas I will be home with you with God's help. I expect the war to be over in July, for we have the devils on the run now. I was under orders for France about six weeks ago, but had a temperature of 103 (influenza) and did not get away. But I am well now although it rains every day and we are in 'mud to our necks.' I have again been picked, passed the medical and will go about the New Year. Thank God I am able to do my bit.

Well Cliff, I suppose mother and father have a tear in their eye, but you have not, for you are a brave laddie.

Well, I am going to tell you the truth, how I feel about going out. I am one of the happiest boys in the world to think I am able to take my stand beside my French men and heroes in arms, and die for Canada or France if necessary. It is an honor, and the happiest day will be for me when I am able to send Fritz over whiz-bangs, and if I don't get a V.C. it will not be because I do not fight hard enough to earn it.

Well, I must ring off for this time. From your loving Brother,
Cheer up and have a good laugh. Ha, ha.