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Date: February 21st 1918
Gladys Hornibrook
Gilmore Beatty

Pte Gilmore Beatty 237458
164 Bn 3 Coy
Witley Camp
Surrey Eng.
Feb 21/18

Dear Gladys

Received your welcome letter a few days ago but as you will see I am not the one who put the add in the Family Hearld for he received over one hundered in two mails so in order to answer them he distribute them among fellow who receive few letters such as myself however I hope this may prove as successful as that of Pte. Hale.

I am a Canadian of twenty one years old my home is in Toronto and often wish I were there again for there are no winter sports over here we have had very little snow over here but plenty of rain witch is worse to my opinion.

Was to Scotland a couple of weeks ago on six day pass and had very good time considering it war time although eats are very scarce over here and I suppose you will be starting to realize there is a war on in Canada

I have been in the army for over two years so you will know I am satisfied to quit soldiering, I see all the first contingent men are going home for three months furlough and they deserve all thats coming to them for a very short time in France is enough at least for some.

Say Miss Hornibrook would you please send me one of your snaps I will send you one of mine next time I write for have none just now but will get some taken that is providing you want one,

Things are very quiet over here now for all entertainments have been stoped on account of the small war.

Well Gladys I will write more next time if you answer and expect it will be France again but there are better days coming, close by hoping to hear from you soon yours Sincerely

Pte Gilmore Beatty 237458
164 Bn 3 Coy
Witley Camp
Surrey Eng

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