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Date: January 2nd 1916
Essie Douglas
Nelson Campbell

Jan 2nd 1916

Hello Hessie:-

How are you, I have been neglecting you with my writing, but you are dear in my heart still, but I have about seven girls to write to, but your letter comes first, I have not wrote because I sent you a Xmas card and I knew you would know I was all right.

Essie I hear you are to be married I hope not, you are to young, you are just at the age now when you can go out and see some of the world.

I no how it is with you and Willie, I was in the same fix myself once, in Toronto, I feel sorry for you, for I know you do not like to be teased. The car is a good attraction It is awful when you cant make dates on account of Mo.

It is time Billie was joining up for God knows all are wanted none must stay, duty must be done.

What does Billie Crispin mean marrying a doctor bill is his head gone wrong, love again.

Gee I hope Leeson runs off with Grace, it will be a letter less to right, but as long as she rights I will.

You think their will be lots of girls after the war I hope so ha ha, I guess you you think Im getting home sick, oh no, but just the same I would like to be back.

I guess Kirbys and Brown’s did not want you to the party very bad, those kissing parties do not amount to much.

Is Ab Cameron rushing Min or are just fooling me. You must not make Billie mad or he will be leaving.

I wrote Nellie I told her I was going to send the baby a dress, I thought I would get it in England, then I thought it would be nice to get it in France but I could not get one to suit me but, I got one, I have not sent it yet.

Well I must close so bye bye from


xxxxxxxxxxxx in case Billie joins the colours

Original Scans

Original Scans

Campbell, William Nelson 1916-01-02 Campbell, William Nelson 1916-01-02 Campbell, William Nelson 1916-01-02