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Date: June 14th 1915
Essie Douglas
Nelson Campbell

June 14th 1915

Dearest cousin:-

I received your letter dated June 13th you say it is hard to believe this war if you was out here and saw some of the villages you wood wonder what the civilized world is doing to allow this war no not war human murder.

Next time Misses Kirbys asks you to read one of my letters tell her to get some of her big relation to come over and give a hand, and supply her with news. seems to me young girls cant keep anything, but I guess Billie wrote them, I would like to see Min in her rage at Abe Cameron.

Was their any of those fake marriages at the entertainment I guess not.

Annie Holliday thats that big foolish kid.

Its a pitty you couldnt quit picking stones and working so hard, fix that hill what are you going to do level it to the road and their will be auto’s coming up very often, I think if your mother is wise she will have it done you say I aught to be back by next summer I hope so I dont want to put no winter in over here.

Orchard must be a dry old place this summer.

You want to be careful what kind of a fellow is driving them good drivers take a tip from me.

Jessie has some fellow dont you think she is to young.

You mean to tell me you dont know where Billie is, I say you do, you know you said once, [censored] remember that day.

The Canadians sure are good soldiers. The second contingent wont reinforce us they say the first is the scum of Canada, I dont know but they have made a name.

You are a little dear to keep me informed of Gracies whereabouts.

The Belgium girls are very nice so are the French, but there is one in Canada that beats them all to the Dickins.

I dont know about the Germans not having my name they have a lot of our names.

Well Essie tell your mother to wait next time and you keep on writing.

Well Essie I think I will have to stop writing this time we are expecting to go into the trenches, I will write you when we come out, while I am writing here I can her our cannon’s and see the smoke from the German Jack Johnson shells

I am on the gun that goes to the front line pretty bad place for the first time in Well Essie I will have to saw off and say finish I now close with Love and a few xxxxx xxxx


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Original Scans

Campbell, William Nelson 1915-06-14 Campbell, William Nelson 1915-06-14 Campbell, William Nelson 1915-06-14 Campbell, William Nelson 1915-06-14 Campbell, William Nelson 1915-06-14 Campbell, William Nelson 1915-06-14