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Date: January 5th 1919

Jan. 5th 1919.

My Own Dear Mother,

Just a little letter this afternoon to tell you I have been thinking, and have decided what I am going to do. It is fully certain, that we will all be back again within two or three months, and they are trying to arrange courses here for different things which we are waiting. Weather mine comes under the heading or not I do not know, but I think it will. Anyhow I have decided to go in for sheep. So weather I can get a course here or not I think this would be my best plan. When I get back I will stop with you for a while and learn what I can from books. Then I will have to go away to work amongst sheep some place. Australia is reckoned as the best place then when I have enough money and know enough to start for myself. The money I have now will help me quite a bit. And I will bring about $400 back with me when I get my discharge from the Army. Of course while I am staying with you, I will keep myself and pay you for my keep. If when I get back I can see anything better than that all well and good. But office jobs or anything like that are no good for me. Well Mother dear, news is scarce as usual but prospects are good. So we can only wait patiently for the big day. Best love To Eve and Dad Auntie and Uncle.

Best love and kisses to Your dear Self.
Ever Your Loving Son

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